Music to celebrate the soul

A collection of 8 original tracks to help the soul on its continuing spiritual voyage.

Track List:-

1. The Soul's Journey

2. Yue Laan Melody

3. Forefathers’ Eve

4. Dia de los Meurtos

5. Ghost's Song

6. All Saints7. Egyptian Eulogy

8. Spiritual Union

This album, the sixth in the series was perhaps the oddest instruction for me in that the subject of the album was to be “Death”! However, once we had discussed all the different ways that the end of life was celebrated across the world the album began to make sense and indeed take shape.

However, this was also a time of personal sadness for me as my father was dying of cancer during the time of writing this and indeed passed away before the album was finished. I did not really make this his “Requiem” though, but some of the sadder moments certainly reflect the emotions at that time.

I had a lot of fun studying and then creating the differing styles needed for these tracks and also having the freedom to explore a more dramatic style of composition.

Particular highlights for me were using the “Dies Irae” melody in “Forefather’s Eve”, being Spooky in “All Saints”, going back to my roots with real percussion in the “Egyptian Eulogy” and building the grand orchestral feel of the Romanesque “Spiritual Union”.

This is perhaps one of my favourite albums overall and I really hope the music is as uplifting for the listener and also as moving, as I frequently find it.


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