A Collection of 12 dynamic and inspiring tracks taken from some of the more energetic albums from the“Mind, Body, Spirit” series plus two NEW tracks never before released.

These inspirational and energizing melodies, still with a reflective mood, celebrate many aspects of life and beyond.


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Track List:-

1 - Groove ‘94 *

2 - Gawai Antu - The Soul’s Journey            

3 - Reawaken                                        All tracks have been re-mastered for this compilation.

4 - Velines

5 - Strength                                               * previously unreleased track

6 - Egyptian Eulogy

7 - The Arousing Thunder

8 - Spritual Union

9 - Luau

10 - Reflections

11 - World Harmony

12 - Remembrance *

This collection has mostly been taken from my later albums from the "Mind, Body, Spirit" series but also includes two previously unreleased tracks. The opening track, "Groove '94" was one of the first pieces I created (in 1994!) using computers and sequencing, hence its very hard rhythmic feel. I have enjoyed listening to it over the years so I felt it would be a good opener to this album. It has been re-mixed for this album.

Also new is "Remembrance", another older track but I have given it a fresh makeover for 2018 and created a short video to accompany it on my YouTube channel. Though very simple, I have found it such a delicate and beautiful piece that I just had to get it out there!

Much of my music is used for relaxation and meditation but I have sometimes strayed away from this concept and created more powerful and uplifting music. This is what I have presented here with some exciting and dynamic tracks which I really hope will give you energy and inspiration in whatever you need.

Chris Kimber November 2018

Here’s the YouTube video that accompanies “Remembrance”

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