Moonlight Rhythms

Chris Kimber

Over 1 hour of beautiful and soothing music composed originally for the "Mind, Body, Spirit" series, this has been created from the best of the relaxation and healing albums and takes you on a seamless journey of inner peace.

Tracks are:-

1.    After the Rain - Relaxation

2.    Earth Element (extract)- Reiki

3.    Awakening - Relaxation

4.    The Wind (Sun) - I Ching

5.    Spiritual Planes (extract)- Crown Chakra

6.    Vital Forces - Stomach Chakra

7.    The Lake (Tui) - I Ching

8.    Reaching Out - Throat Chakra

9.    Renewal - Relaxation

This compilation contains my favourite parts of some of the more relaxing tracks from the series. Some have been re-mixed or edited for the compilation.

It works in two “halves” for flexible relaxation sessions. (tracks 1-4 and 5-9)

I hope you enjoy this selection.


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Moonlight Rhythms




Moonlight Rhythms




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