Om Shanti

Music for practicing Yoga

A collection of 10 inspiring tracks that will help you to structure your Yoga exercises and maximise your well-being.

Each track is designed to complement a specific section of Yoga training. Use them to time your exercises or simply relax into their gentle and inspiring sounds.

Track List:

1. Intro/Prayer for Enlightenment

2. Inflation

3. Salutation

4. Strength

5. Energy

6. Surrender

7. Reawaken

8. Spirals

9. Harmony

10. Relaxation/Peace Mantra

This is the fourth album from the “Mind, Body, Spirit” series and is the most structured in that it was written with a complete Yoga session in mind with track lengths and order clearly defined by a set routine. Details of this were of course printed in the Partwork.

I also studied each section and visited Yoga sessions as well as incorporating some traditional Yoga melodies that I came across, although they are rather disguised!

This album also breaks away from the purely relaxing style of most of the previous releases with a “Chill Out” feel to certain tracks and also the use of vocals with the Peace Mantra.

I hope it helps you with your own personal Yoga sessions.


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Om Shanti - Chris Kimber




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