Track List :-

1. Ch'ien - Heaven

2. K'un - Earth

3. Chen - Thunder

4. K'an - Water

5. Ken - The Mountain

6. Sun - The Wind

7. Li - Fire

8. Tui - The Lake

This album is the fifth release of the “Mind, Body, Spirit” series and I was given a lot more freedom as a composer merely being given the titles of the tracks and asked to create a relaxing and also uplifting feel. I had of course already approached titles such as “Earth” “Water” and “Fire” before, but this time everything has a distinctive Oriental feel.

There are some quite energetic tracks this time (“Thunder”) but I felt that there are also some real moments of beauty also , “The Wind” and “The Lake” in particular.

I hope that these tracks can bring you an inner balance and also a feeling of positive energy.



Music for practising I Ching

A collection of 8 inspiring tracks that will help you to concentrate on

I Ching and get the most from its interpretations.

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Oracle - Chris Kimber