Chris Kimber

Music to help you relax.

(As released with the "Mind Body Spirit" partwork)

A collection of six inspiring tracks of calming ambient sounds and rhythms to soothe body and mind.

Track list:-

1. After the Rain

2. Inner Peace    feat. Tamasine Edwards - Vocals

3. Dream Journey

4. Awakening

5. Renewal

6. Moonlight Rhythms

This was the first album created for the Mind, Body, Spirit series and consequently had a very wide distribution around the world. In the UK it sold over 300.000 (I don’t know exact figures!) and this is the most likely album you may have already come across.

It was an interesting challenge for me to have to write music which might send you to sleep - normally something composers wish to avoid! - but I have personally used it many times for such a purpose and rarely get past track 2!

Please enjoy this for its simplicity and soothing sounds, as background to meditation or to help as a point of focus for deep relaxation and sleep.

I would recommend setting a volume in headphones or speakers at a level where you can hear it well without straining, but not so loud to keep you awake if trying to snooze!

I am always delighted to receive requests for use of my music as background for events, videos etc and I am willing for it to be used in this way (with permission) but please don’t simply give it away freely as that isn’t fair!

If you have a more commercial project in mind please do  get in touch.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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Tranquility - Chris Kimber




Tranquility - Chris Kimber




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